My journey to being a full blown celiac began in April 2011 when my dear friend C suggested that I was tired due to eating so much wheat. Fatigue was one of the hardest things to diagnose, she said, having had years of experience in medicine. I took her advice and tried to keep to a gluten-free diet for a few weeks. Unfortunately, about two weeks into this trial, I lost my job and out of frustration, tried a wheat-based dessert. I will never forget that feeling of walking down the street, eating a tasty lemon bar and feeling pain in  my ribs. Since then, I have moved from Ottawa, Canada, to Ilmenau, Germany and finally down to the lake of Constance in the south-western corner.

I eat not only 100% gluten-free but also 100% wheat-free, as I have just as much of a reaction from gluten-free wheat starch as I do from wheat. My blog posts will reflect that as I complain about companies using gluten-free wheat starch in something and calling it gluten-free.

These posts will be things that we made in the kitchen, which grocery store in the region you can find certain gluten-free food in, as well as restaurant and bakery reviews along the way.