Sushibar Tatsumi, Konstanz

I love sushi.

Maki Rolls
Tuna and Salmon with Avocado, delicious.

It is one of the most difficult types of food for a celiac to eat, as everything could contain wheat due to the likely presence of soy sauce. But I love it. It has been one of my favorite foods for ages now, since I first got introduced to it in university. So I was incredibly excited when I found out that Tatsumi had gluten-free soya sauce and an allergy list.

I had been to Tatsumi before but was very hesitant to try much, because I knew that soy sauce and gluten could be lurking pretty much anywhere. As Tatsumi seemed to be a fairly traditional Japanese sushi bar, it had never occured to me to ask about an allergy list or even mention that I am celiac. Don’t be like me, Ask. Always Ask. Your health is important.

I have found that not all of the servers there know about celiac disease, which is a shame. One time I went there, the server was absolutely amazing, and the next time, she was a bit clueless. I hope it smooths out, but at the moment I don’t know.

Upon mentioning that you are celiac, you will recieve the allergy list and the gluten-free soy sauce! This bottle of soy sauce changed between the two visits, so they definitely have celiacs coming there. You don’t have to worry about the soy sauce being ancient.

Next you will recieve a little starter salad. Unfortunately we cannot eat the usual salad that everyone else gets with it’s yummy sesame dressing but the salad I had, had fish in it, so I still felt like I was winning. If the server doesn’t know about the dressing, make sure you tell them. I despair that I have to tell you this, but I have not had consistent results and it is best if you know ahead of time.

Not bad for a free starter salad.

After that, you should recieve your sushi dishes. Tuck in and enjoy! The quality is quite high, the bit of wasabi between the fish and the rice is delicious. We have the tendency to order a lot, then we just get the leftovers boxed up to eat at home.


Tatsumi is a little hole-in-the-wall place, tucked behind a few other buildings, up in the unassuming Wollmatingen.  There is only about five parking spaces and if you weren’t paying attention, you’d miss it for the strip mall on the other side of the fence.


Sushibar Tatsumi

Wollmatinger Str 70b, Konstanz

0174 / 5392200

Reservations Recommended

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