Zum Hirschen, Scheidegg

Ages ago, my boyfriend and I were trying to figure out where to go on vacation when he asked me ‘isn’t there some gluten-free mecca or somewhere?’ which led me to googling just that and finding Scheidegg in Allgäu.

Scheidegg is a bit of an adventure to get to from Konstanz. You take the catamaran to Friedrichshafen, followed by a train to Lindau, then a bus that winds it’s way up into the Allgäu. Or, if you are more adventurous, take the bus or train to Bregenz, then the cable car up the side of the mountain called Pfänder, and hike your way to Scheidegg. This route is a lot more fun and the hike is almost exclusively downhill and takes just over three hours.


2017-06-15 15.40.46
Plus you get views like this as you’re hiking to Scheidegg from Pfänder


Scheidegg is fairly well known in the German gluten-free circuit, but I wanted to do a quick write-up for a few reasons. It is an absolutely great place to hike to, there are lots of other hikes in the area – not just to Pfänder. There are lots of hotels that offer gluten-free breakfast and lots of restaurants that offer gluten-free meals – I think you can try a different gluten-free schnitzel every night for a week in Scheidegg. There is also a nice cafe in an old house that offers a few gluten-free cakes, which is just as important.

I won’t detail every place that we went to, or everything that we ate. I just want to point you to the best restaurant in the entire town. Zum Hirschen.

There are cheaper places to eat in Scheidegg that also have gluten-free options labeled on their menu, but Zum Hirschen is by far the best. Coming from Konstanz, the prices aren’t too expensive, although with gluten-free beer and dessert, our meals can definitely get over 50€. Everything there is delicious though, so even if it is a bit pricey, it’s definitely worth it. Everyone working at Zum Hirschen is worth their salt and definitely understand what celiac means and what can and cannot be prepared gluten-free. Don’t be disappointed by their online menu, that is definitely not the only things that they offer gluten-free, but rather a sample of what are gluten-free.


Doesn’t that look incredible? Make sure that you make reservations, as it is very often packed to the rafters. We actually went to Scheidegg last summer for a small weekend getaway and then went back this year, just for Zum Hirschen. There are a collection of other places in town where you can order gluten-free, you can find them here. Don’t forget to go for a piece of cake here.

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