Überlingen and the Monkeys

When I moved to the Bodensee area, the last thing I expected was that there would be a place called ‘Affenberg’, or Monkey Mountain. Not only is this a real thing, but it is set in a very pretty location and is well worth a visit.

We left Constance on the 1 bus that goes directly to the ferry to Meersburg. This is an incredibly easy way to get to Meersburg and the surrounding area, as the bus and the ferry go every fiften minutes, every single day, so you just walk from the bus to the ferry and the ferry leaves about a minute after you’ve found a spot to sit.

A view from the ferry, looking at Meersburg

2017-05-25 12.00.44Meersburg is a gorgeous little town, with a few palaces and vineyards overlooking the lake, it’s definitely a good place to get a good glass of wine and I had figured that I would just look at menus until I found a place that served something I could eat. I was very surprised when we stumbled across a little italian restaurant offering gluten-free pizza! Let’s be honest, celiacs, every single one of us would stop and find out what’s going on.

Turns out Detto Fatto brings in gluten-free pizza bases and just had one left when I inquired about them. They are gluten-free and wheat-free, they’re primarily corn which is pretty usual. They are going to change to a different company that was a bit more reliable, so they don’t just end up with one left on a Saturday morning.

Anyway, pizza!

One hawaiian gluten-free pizza!
I love Hawaiian pizza, so that will always be my first pizza at a new restaurant. I don’t want to try a new place out and not like the pizza because I don’t like how they make four cheese pizza or something completely different, so I always go with Hawaiian. This was a pretty good, fluffy, large and not very expensive pizza. This is likely going to be your cheapest, safest option in Meersburg and if you’re lucky like us, you’ll get to hear a band playing while you eat.

From Meersburg we picked up the bus to Affenberg, changing at Marktplatz, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen. Unfortunately, every other person in the entire area decided to go to Affenberg at the same time, so we were stuck in line for an hour before we could get into the park. (TIP: bring water, the line-up for the restaurant was also very Long & there’s limited shade in line) While you are waiting, look up and you can see dozens of storks! Nesting up on the buildings, on nearby buildings, flying, landing. It was pretty amazing.

Stork families

Once you pay and get in, you walk past a nice pond with more storches, large fish and plenty of other birds. There is food to feed them here, but the main attraction is just a few minutes away.

These guys.


As you can see, the monkeys are pretty used to people in this park. These are Barbary macaques and they have lots of room to roam around, so it’s a pretty cool park for them. There’s a lot of space that people can’t get to, so if they want to get away, they can just step away from the path that’s clearly marked with a short wooden fence – that’s what the macaque is sitting on in the photo above. You’re given a handful of popcorn before you enter the area and are told how to feed them, so it’s very safe. Wherever a monkey has decided to get a snack from people, there’s an employee making sure that people don’t get too close. It is very easy to forget about the 1m rule, because they seem so relaxed. It is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.


We then took the bus to Überlingen, changing again at Marktplatz, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen. Überlingen is home to Pizzaria-Ristorante La Flotta. This italian restaurant offers a lot of gluten-free options, including pizza, pasta and brushetta. It is worth the trio from Konstanz, simply to have the brushetta.

The easiest way back to Konstanz is to take the ferry to Wallhausen and then take the 4/13 or 13/4 back to Konstanz. The buses take the same route, just in different directions and both take approximately 1/2 hour to get back to the Train station.


Detto Fatto Restaurant-Pizzeria

Unterstadtstraße 10, 88709 Meersburg


07532 8087905

Pizzeria-Ristorante La Flotta

Hafenstraße 7, 88662 Überlingen


07551 9459111

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