Restaurant Review: California in Konstanz, a 100% gluten-free kitchen!

A good (gluten-free) taco is hard to find.

Good tacos are very hard to find in Germany, nevertheless good gluten-free tacos. The only way that I have had tacos here is by making them either with the hard Shells that you can get at Kaufland or by bringing soft shells from North America. I am that person, who brings their suitcase full of presents so I can pack it full of food for the return trip. But I digress.

California is the name of the cali-mex Restaurant that popped up in the Bodanplatz in Konstanz in April. The owner of the restaurant is a celiac, which explains why everything in the kitchen is gluten-free and wheat-free. Most of the dishes are lactose-free, but as always, please double check as I don’t ask about lactose.

California is also a bar, by the way, and has Lammsbräu and cider – just in case you want a place to go and have a beer sometime in the evening. They have lots of tables outside, so it’s a pretty good setup for the summer.

2017-04-29 13.47.37

This is the fish taco. It has chipotle mayo so it has a nice bite to it, but isn’t overly spicy.  When the waitress said that everything was gluten-free, I specifically asked about these guys because they are beer-battered. And guess what? They are! They are also absolutely deliious and are probably my favourite taco. This may change though as California is keeping an eye on what tacos are selling and are changing it up when certain tacos don’t sell very well. Thankfully they haven’t removed this deliciousness, nor the chicken taco, which is also amazing. Check this out.

2017-04-29 13.47.48

Tomato, cilatro, more spicy mayo and chicken strips. I love it. It really does taste like what you’d get in California, at least in my memory. It’s just so good. These are also a bit spicy, but if you want it even spicier, they do have different sauces that you can request. I haven’t needed any, so I cannot say if they are gluten-free or not.

If you have managed the three or four tacos, you can also get gigantic plates of delicious fries or big tortilla chips with dip. The fries on the left are what I call California poutine. They’re California fries, with cheese, caramalized onions and a really heavy but delicious sauce. Not a light meal, but each bite is just wonderful. On the right, you can see the hand-made nacho chips with three different types of salsa. I apparently didn’t get a pic of jalapeno shooters, which are deep fried jalapeno peppers that are stuffed with cheese. Doesn’t that just sound delicious? Definitely a treat as a celiac to be able to have something deep-fried.

If you have managed all that and still have room for more, don’t forget dessert. If you’re like me and can’t eat anymore, don’t worry, you can always get it to go.

They have cheesecake.

It’s gluten and wheat-free.

Do you see why I love this place? I have had two kinds of cheesecake here and once had to go without and order the ice cream – which was also delicious but just not as amazing as cheesecake. First time I got a lovely vanilla cheesecake and the second time was banana-Nutella, which I did not think would ever be feasible as a cheesecake but it is really good. Do yourselves a favor and order the cheesecake. You’re worth it.

2017-04-29 14.14.56


Bodanplatz 12A


Mo-Sa 12-01, So 17-23

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