Klinikum Konstanz: gluten-free while sick

As many celiacs know, we are prone to illness. This, like the symptoms of the celiac disease, can differ widely from celiac to celiac. While going gluten-free cleared up a lot of health issues for me, not everything has gone away, and in particular, endrometriosis has remained. This means that I have had two hospital stays in the last 12 months in Konstanz.


2015-12-13 10.02.50.jpg
Konstanz in the winter fog


After reading reports from other German celiacs about hospital stays, I thought I would make it clear. The Klinikum Konstanz does a wonderful job of taking care of its’ patients, particularly food-wise. It is large enough that someone comes around every day and asks you what your allergies and preferences are, how the meals were the previous day and if anything needs to be changed. This woman is absolutely, absolutely delightful and if you have any wishes – more cheese, less butter, Lactose-free, vegan, low sodium – she will do her very best to make sure that the kitchen knows.  The key thing that I want to mention is that I have *never* had a problem and I have been there now for a total of twelve days.

2017-03-27 12.00.55
March is a little early for asparagus, but they had some for lunch!

Breakfast and supper both have Schär bread, either the plain Classic or one of the multigrain breads. Neither meal is particularly interesting, but you can get Quark, cheese, meat, marmalade, jam, and even a side salad for supper. There are still some choices, just not a heck of a lot. Considering how many people they have to feed, this isn’t too surprising.


Lunch is the big meal of the day, and it happens right at noon, after all of the doctors’ visits in the morning. For the non-celiacs, this can be one of three meals. Those of us with special diets get a surprise every day.

I made a mistake and didn’t photograph the best lunch that I got, as it was on my last day. Mushroom Risotto with so much cheese, it was amazing! It is one of the normal dishes there, so they didn’t have to do anything special for me but it was so delicious! I mentioned it to one of the nurses and she said that she even ate it because it was so good.

So there you go, if you ever end up at the Klinikum Konstanz (and I hope you don’t!), you will be well taken care of for gluten-free meals.

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